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Web development is a broad term and in order to design a site for performance best practices, Push Marketing establishes a desired execution sequence for website development that follows a comprehensive methodology that includes but is not limited to:

Planning: As with most effective management processes, smart web development planning begins by defining target audiences, purpose and objectives, and policies consistent with your company’s overall information development goals and use.

Design: Winning web design takes many things into consideration from having visually striking imagery and thought leading content to best practices in usability whereby pages are connected along routes of use and user thinking.

Content Creation: Remarkable content is king and when it’s created in various formats on a desired frequency, it must then be arranged so that it is intuitive and easy for your prospects to navigate allowing readers to quickly find relevant information that will help them advance in their decision making process.

Closed-Loop Architecture: Push Marketing employs multiple tactics and sources to generate leads. With a well-conceived closed loop platform, you’ll be able to track leads from their initial channel through a first conversion all the way to becoming a customer. This allows you to see which channels are most efficient and gives you actionable insight to make smart marketing investments.

On-Page SEO: Having perfectly optimized pages for keyword targeting takes committed resources, the larger and more complex a site, the larger/more complex the organization working on it. From basic on-page elements and optimized content to accessibility and optimized user experiences that are designed to optimize conversion rates and browse rates of the traffic that visits, Push Marketing’s multi-disciplined team keeps abreast of changing requirements to ensure that advanced and thorough on-page optimization is maintained.

Branding Architecture: With an initial focus on the website and/or other communication anchors, identity guidelines will be established serving as the foundational elements of the brand. An effective, well-conceived architecture will lead to clarity in customer offerings.

Doing this properly, a durable bond or brand can be built at all levels and marketing can support that by ensuring that the company’s predetermined positions are effectively communicated to support all interactions with your constituencies. Our experience branding for industry leading clients ensures that core identity elements are formulated carefully and forward looking enough to optimize a long competitive life, thus preventing dramatic repositioning of the brand image later on.

Any web design that skips these steps or looks at them as an afterthought is stacking the odds against it.

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