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Web Search Advertising, Paid Search or Adwords is a text and content advertising service operated on the Google search engine platform. Position in the paid search engine result depends on the advertiser’s bid and the click through rate. Text ads are placed based on searched keywords. Content advertising is placed in industry related websites that accept Google Ads. With content advertising, costs are only incurred when an ad is clicked.

Paid Search Services

Research and recommend keywords that match your product to what your target audience is searching for. Keyword recommendations based on the acquisition of sales and leads in the geographic locations served.

Develop text ads based on selected keywords. Design content ads to align with keywords, product promotion and target market. Create an Adwords account with segmented campaign ad groups by specific target marketing, including targeted keywords, text ads and ad budgets. Ads will be monitored, tested, scored (based on conversions), and refined on a monthly basis.

All campaigns are placed in a closed-loop marketing process to enhance conversion rates, visibility, and lead scoring to name a few.